Adopt a Politician

It’s better to pray than...

About the Project


The prayer campaign is a continuation of a pre-election prayer campaign called 40 Days Now and is followed by the Kresťan v politike project. Both are organized by the Association of Youth Christian Communities.

Our goal is to motivate the public to pray for the politicians who represent the citizens’ interests in the Slovak Parliament. We do not intend to support individual parties, nor do we want to promote a certain political view. As Christian we believe that if we unite in prayer, we can influence the Slovak society.

We are of opinion that it is God’s desire that Christian values, such as justice, honesty and respect for life, be respected also in politics. We, Slovak citizens, should expect the politicians to promote these values. We want to break the vicious circle of never-ending criticism and passivity by taking a firm stand which will show our responsibility for our country and its future.

How to Join the Initiative

The campaign was launched on the day of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic – January 1, 2013. On this occasion we wanted to give the politicians a special gift – prayer.

You can take part in the campaing by “adopting” a politician. It means that you commit to intercede for this politician for 5 minutes a day for the period of 6 months. If you are interested in joining in, please register here.

The form of the prayer depends on your choice. In case you are not sure how to intercede, we offer a sample prayer, that can be found in the Help section.

Our Goals

  • Promotion of Christian values, such as justice, honesty and respect for life, in politics and political decisions
  • Unity of Christians in prayers for Slovakia
  • End of criticism and hatred toward politicians and adoption of new attitudes of love and respect for authorities
  • Justice and truth being put into practice in the political life in Slovakia
  • Leading position in politics being viewed as service to people that needs to be performed responsibly