Adopt a Politician

It’s better to pray than...


How to Register Your Prayer

If you want to register your prayer, please follow these instructions:

  1. Choose a politician from the LIST.
  2. Click on the red Pray for him/her button on the politician‘s picture.
  3. Fill in the form (name, surname, email address and CAPTCHA verification code are compulsory entries).
  4. On receiving the verification email, click on the given shortcut.

Important: In case „your“ politician has already been „adopted“, choose another person.

Final Confirmation of Your Registration

After registering your prayer, you have seven days to think about your commitment. After this period you will receive another verification email. In case you do not want to continue in the prayer, do not answer the email and your registration will automatically be cancelled. If you click on the shortcut in the email, your registration will be extended by 6 months.